How it works

Becoming a member of 100+ Manitobans Who LOVE ANIMALS is a 12 month commitment to a simple, efficient and fun approach supporting Manitoba animal charities.

Here’s how it works:

  • We meet four times a year, for just one hour.
  • Each member writes down the name of a Manitoba animal charity that they would like to support. All the names are dropped into a box.
  • The names of three charities are drawn. The three people who submitted these names each speak briefly, detailing why their charity of choice should be selected.
  • The entire group votes again, this time choosing between the three charities. Votes are counted, and a recipient is declared.
  • Every member writes out a cheque for $100 made out directly to the recipient charity. All members of 100+ Manitobans Who LOVE ANIMALS are responsible for submitting a cheque, whether they are at the meeting or not. (We have a specific form for cash donations. The form is completed by the member making the cash donation, and witnessed by two members.) The total donation is presented to the recipient charity the following week.
  • The charity in receipt of the donation will come to the next meeting and share with the group what they used the donation for. The name of a winning charity can be submitted again, nine months after their win.

NOTE: 100 Manitobans Who Love Animals is not affiliated with any of the organizations or facilities providing rooms for quarterly meetings. 

Why it works:

Charities typically struggle to attract attention and funds. It takes a major portion of their efforts. They would rather be spending that energy helping animals, rather than fundraising. With our approach, they can have that time back to do their important work. We recognize them, share their stories, and select one for a major donation, given all at once, four times a year.

Through our quarterly meetings, we also discover animal charities that are new, or we have not heard about. We can also learn more about the type of good work being done across the province by volunteers, individuals and professionals committed to animal welfare. And we have some fun meeting people like ourselves, from all walks of life, who are willing to support animals in this way.

Charities love getting donations, and we love animals. Let’s connect and do this in a fun and effective way. We look forward to you joining efforts with fellow Manitobans who LOVE ANIMALS.